The Six Best USA’s Colleges and Universities You Need to Know

It is great if you know you have a chance to study in the US. Of course, you should know about where you will study at and what major you will take. You know there are more than one thousand reputable colleges and universities in the USA. It is normal if you get confused. If you haven’t made up your mind about which institution you will study at in the USA, you will have to see the review below.

The Six Best USA’s Colleges
The Six Best USA’s Colleges

Reputable Universities and Colleges in the US

  1. You know MIT—a reputable private college in Massachusetts, right? It is the best in the US. Its popular majors are Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering. Every year it only accepts about eight percent of almost 5 thousand undergraduate students. You can imagine how competitive it is, right? Ninety-three percent of the students who have graduated from this college usually can work with almost eighty thousand dollars as a start.
  2. Who doesn’t know Stanford University—an elite university in California? Its popular majors are Biology, Engineering, and Computer Science. It is not that easy to be accepted as a student here. This university only accepts five percent from seven thousand applicants per year. Ninety-four percent of the graduates of this university will get $71,800 for the first salary.
  3. Most of us know Harvard University. It has been internationally famous for a long time. It is also competitive to be accepted as its student. Its famous majors are Economics, Law, History, and Computer Science. From more than seven thousand applicants, it is only five percent of them who get accepted. Graduates of Harvard University will get $69,700 for the first salary.
  4. The University of Yale in New Haven is very competitive. Its popular majors are Political Science and Government, Economics, and History. Every year it only accepts six percents of 5,469 applicants. Almost one hundred percent of its graduates get $60,700 as the first salary.
  5. Another elite and reputable college in the US is Pomona College in California.  Every year, there are 1,556 applicants, but there is only nine percent of them to get accepted. Economic, Mathematics and Statistic, and Computer Science are the most popular majors in this college. Pomona graduates will get $36,300 as the first salary.
  6. Another college with a great reputation is Bowdoin College located in Main—a coastal town where there are mountains, beaches, upscale restaurants, and food trucks. The students of this college are funded by its aid budget of finance of $35 million per year. It is a competitive college indeed. Many famous figures have been graduated from this college.
The Six Best USA’s Colleges
The Six Best USA’s Colleges

So, what do you think? Hopefully, the information about six of the USA’s best universities and colleges can help you make up your mind about the institution you will apply for. Good Luck!